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Dragon’s Way Qigong® Herbal Starter Kit


Green Dragon has been designed to support healthy Liver function. Liver is the key organ in promoting the smooth flow of emotions and is essential in supporting a healthy digestive system.  Our proprietary, all-natural, herbal formula is based on a classical Chinese formulation.  For best results, combine  Green Dragon with Imperial Qi. Together they will support the Liver and Kidney.

Imperial Qi.  The Kidney is the energy (Qi) powerhouse of the body. It stores and supplies Qi for all body functions. Imperial Qi, our proprietary formula based on a classical Chinese herbal formulation, has the ability to help strengthen your Kidney function.

Swimming Dragon is a powerful addition to the Dragon’s Way Qigong® program.  Use this formula after 3 weeks of practicing Dragon’s Way Qigong to help the body move residual stagnations. Often the body needs additional support in moving unwanted blockages.