Yang Family Tai Chi Lineage


Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan is one of the gems in the realm of Chinese martial arts. Ever since the founder of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Yang Lu Chan, his sons Yang Ban Hou and Yang Jian Hou, his grandsons Yang Shao Hou and Yang Cheng Fu, and his great-grandsons Yang Zhen Ming, Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhen Duo, and Yang Zhen Guo have all worked together to research, change, develop, and spread Tai Chi Chuan.


Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan is extended and graceful, carefully structured, relaxed, gentle and flowing, while still maintaining the martial arts aspects. It is also a method for improving health and curing illness. Tai Chi Chuan is loved by tens of millions of practitioners, spreading Tai Chi Chuan at home and abroad. It has become the most popular of all Chinese martial arts, providing a remarkable contribution to the health of mankind.

by Master Yang Jun, 6th Generation

Yang Lu Chan
Yang Chen Fu
Yang Jian Hou
Yang Zhen Duo
Yang Jun

Yang Family Tai Chi Association

Yang Family Tai Chi is an association of centers, schools, instructors, and members who practice the art of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. It offers one of the most complete training systems in Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and is organized to include a teacher academy, instructor registry, judge registry, and ranking system. This allows members to progress from beginner level to advanced level or to become a highly qualified instructor of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, depending on their goals.

Yang Family Tai Chi is a brand of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. The association was created in October 1998 by Grandmasters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun with the mission of bringing Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan practitioners together and promoting a system to share the family’s standard of practice of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan worldwide to help humankind. The association is incorporated as a non-profit entity in Washington State with its headquarters located at the Seattle/Redmond Yang Family Tai Chi Center in Redmond, WA, USA.

The first Yang Family Tai Chi Centers were created in the U.S. in 1995 by Grandmasters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun and their top students. Today, Yang Family Tai Chi includes over 46 Yang Family Tai Chi Centers and over 37 Yang Family Tai Chi Schools on five continents with teachers in 24 countries. It serves members living in over 45 countries, making it the largest organized group of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan practitioners outside of China.

Origin of Tai Chi

The origin of Tai Chi is largely based on legend.  Nearly a thousand years ago Taoist priest Chang Sanfeng went to WuDang Mountain and it was there he developed the first internal martial arts known as Tai Chi.  His inspiration for Tai Chi came from seeing a crane fighting with a snake.  The snake was fluid and would yield to the strikes of the crane.  The snake would follow the crane and did not resist the hard strikes of the crane.  he saw that the crane represented hardness and the flexible motions of the snake represented softness.  The underlying principle he based his art on was softness overcoming hardness.

5 Families of Tai Chi

Chen Style:  created by Wangting Chen

Yang Style: created by Yang Luchan, based on Chen Style

Woo Style:  created by Yuxing Woo based on the Chen and Yang Styles

Sun Style:  created by Lutang Sun based on Ba Gua Ahang, Xing Yi Quan and Tai Chi

Wu Style:  created by Jianquan Wu based on Yang Style