Dragon’s Way Qigong

The Dragon’s Way Qigong ® program was developed by Grand Master Nan Lu.  This is a complete system of natural healing inclusive of Qigong practices to rebalance the body and calm the mind, eating-for-healing to re-establish a healthy digestive system and a map to understand your body’s needs. Once learned, these ancient teachings can help you and your family forever.

Dragon’s Way Qigong ® has been helping people regain health for over 25 years. All health issues including excess weight and stress, are signs that the body is off balance.  We don’t believe in miracles, we trust that the body has resources to heal. Once learned, you’ll have a new sense of freedom that’s yours for life.

What is Dragon's Way Qigong ®

Dragon’s Way Qigong ® is taught in a 6 week program where you will learn:

1. Wu Ming Qigong Movements

Ten select Wu Ming Qigong movements are the cornerstone to success. When practiced regularly these Qigong movements have the ability to “clean-up” the body and increase overall energy. The body uses this energy to self-correct imbalances.  This form of Qigong is a full system that gets to the root cause of imbalances.

2. Eating for Healing Plan

Our recommended eating style supports the body’s need for energetic balance. Dragon’s Way Qigong encourages a positive relationship with food and goes well beyond counting calories or portion control. View our Sample eating plan.

3. Map for Understanding the Body’s Messages

With access to the ancient framework of Five Elements, you’ll understand why you might have food cravings,  make connections to your emotions or determine the root of discomforts. Check-out the self-assessment quizzes and see if the Dragon’s Way Qigong is right for you.

4. Herbal Supplements

Like foods, herbs also contain a unique blueprint or essence to support the body. Did you know that some of the teas you drink are considered herbs? Some people ask, “Do I have to take herbs?” and the answer is no. However, if you are struggling with many health issues including excess weight, we definitely recommend herbal support.

Benefits of Wu Ming Qigong

The body has an innate intelligence to heal itself.  Abilities are determined by the quality of personal Qi and its flow. Qi is the guiding force that informs all your organs, and every aspect of your well-being.  This is where mind, body Spirit healing comes in.

Imbalances begin on the Qi level then show up as physical manifestations of “disease.”  This is also the same place “miracles” occur but we must go to the Qi level to affect this kind of healing. Qigong is an excellent means of stimulating the flow of energy in the body. With consistent guided Qigong practice the mind-body connection is rebalanced and physical and emotional issues resolve. 

Once the body’s energetic wisdom is “re-ignited,” the possibilities are endless. We call it Healing Without the Mind. This is an exciting aspect of Qigong:  The body is now energized to make decisions about when and how to rebalance itself. 

With continued practice, there is a deepening of energetic connections to the manifestations of consciousness on the body. The body is liberated to “express” itself without the need for illness and disease.

Physical level of healing

  • Alleviate chronic conditions such as asthma, arthritis, insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression
  • Lower blood pressure, reduce stress
  • Ease and  integrate everyday emotional responses
  • Aid in weight loss programs
  • Increase physical stamina and flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation and alleviate digestive issues
  • Reduce and eliminate signs of menopausal discomforts
  • Increase fertility and reduce risks of miscarriages
  • Reduce the debilitating effects of radiation and chemotherapy
  • Complement treatment for those recovering from surgery, sports injury or traumatic injury

Spiritual level of healing

  • Experience the expression of Spirit on the body and mind
  • Shifts in beliefs to understand the concept of Universal Oneness
  • Living more intuitively
  • Having the “guts” to be on your true path

Grand Master Nan Lu

Reduce Stress and Rebalance Your Life with Dragon's Way Qigong ®

Feeling burnt out?  Looking to make a change, but not sure how?
Join the Next 6 week Dragon’s Way Qigong ® session and learn:
  • Qigong Practice
  • Eating for Healing Plan
  • Lifestyle Guidance 

Self Care Check List

Use the questions below as a guide to analyze your eating patterns, everyday habits and discomforts. How you eat, what you eat and when you eat impacts the health of your digestive system.

Eating Habits

 Do you eat raw vegetables or eat at salad bars frequently?

 Do you get a headache after you have a meal?

 Do you experience stomach distension whenever you eat?

 Do you have a stomachache after you eat, particularly after eating cold foods or dairy foods?

 Do you always burp or pass gas after you eat?

 Do you always have loose stool after you eat?

 Do you drink too much alcohol? More than two glasses a day?

 Do you have food allergies?

Everyday Habits

 Do you have to be constant motion?

 Do you overeat?

 Do you smoke?

 Do you drink too much alcohol? More than two glasses a day?

 Do you have frequent sex or frequently change sex partners?

 Do you perform high-impact exercises more than three times a week?

 Do you take drugs, either prescription or recreational?

 Do you take birth control pills?

Frequent Discomforts

 Do you experience PMS?

 Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

 Do you have acid reflux?

 Do you frequently have bad breath?

 Do your ears ring?

 Are your nails brittle or cracked?

 Do you have frequent lower back pain?

 Do your eyes tear frequently?

 Do you have frequent headaches?

 Do you experience frequent sports injuries?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your body is trying to signal you it needs support. Many discomforts are the result of stress in our daily life. The body never lies. It will express imbalances through symptoms. Chinese medicine has a framework to understand what causes these imbalances and how to correct them. The good news is, according to Chinese medicine, any imbalance can be fixed! It’s a matter of bringing the body back to balance.

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