Yang Family Tai Chi Kung Form

Tai Chi Kung Form

The Yang Family Tai Chi Kung Form or 10 Form was developed so that people new to tai chi could learn a form in a relatively short period of time.   Such as a college semester or intensive multi-day seminar.  It was first debuted at the International Tai Chi Chuan Symposium where all five families of tai chi taught a ten movement form of their style.   The form sequence consists of movements that are fundamental to Yang Family Tai Chi.  These movements focus on the main skills to understand the essence of Yang Family Tai Chi.  Kung means skill and therefore, the form is called Tai Chi Kung (skills of tai chi).  

When learning this form it is important to focus on the skills required to complete each movement more than learning a sequence of movements like one would do in a dance routine.  All of the movements are directly out of the Traditional Long Form (103 Form).  As with all modified or shortened forms you may notice different transitions between each movement in the sequence, but the movements themselves are the same.  After learning this form you should have a good foundation of basic tai chi skills.  These skills will help improve your balance, coordination, focus and relaxation to name just a few.  Learning the movements in the Tai Chi Kung form will also be a great foundation for learning the other forms more quickly and you will be able build on the skills you learn in this form.  

Practice video

This video is a practice performance of the Yang Family Tai Chi Kung form by Chris Wilson.   It can be used as an aid for students to follow along with their practice.  

One Hour Class - All 10 Movements

This class is labeled intermediate, however, it can be beneficial to both beginners and those more experienced with tai chi and the Yang Family Tai Chi Kung Form.  Because of time constraints of only one hour it assumed that you may know some basics of the movements through prior experiences in class.  It is best used as a refresher from class than solely on its own.

As a reminder, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine, make sure you have a practice space that is free from any tripping hazards and you drink plenty of water.  In short, be safe and enjoy your practice!

Free instructional videos

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List of Movements - tai chi kung form

预 备
yu4 bei4 – Prepare

1. 起势单鞭
Qi3 shi4 dan1 bian1 – Opening Single Whip

2. 肘底捶
Zhou3 di3 chui2 – Fist Under Elbow

3. 左右倒撵猴
Zuo3 you4 dao4 nian3 hou2 – Left & Right Step Back and Repulse the Monkey

4. 搂膝拗步
Lou1 xi1 ao4 bu4 – Brush Knee and Push

5. 左右野马分鬃
You4 zuo3 ye3 ma3 fen1 zong1 – Right & Left Parting Wild Horse‘s Mane

6. 左右玉女穿梭
You4 zuo3 yu4 nu3 chuan1 suo1 – Right & Left Fair Lady Works at Shuttles

7. 回身左蹬腿
Hui4 shen1 zuo3 deng1 tui3 – Turn Body and Left Heel Kick

8. 进步搬拦捶
Jin4 bu4 ban1 lan2 chui2 – Step Forward, Parry Block and Punch

9. 上步揽雀尾
Shang4 bu4 lan3 que4 wei3 – Step Forward and Grasp the Bird’s Tail

10. 十字手收势
Shi2 zi4 shou4 shou1 shi4 – Cross Hands Closing

huan2 yuan2 – Return to starting position