Yang Family Tai Chi Forms

Yang Family Tai Chi offers eight different Yang Style Tai Chi Form in addition to push hands. These include hand forms and weapon forms.  Beginners usually start with the beginning of the Traditional Hand Form.  Over the last few years beginners of Yang Family Tai Chi have been encouraged to start their practice with the Tai Chi Kung and Essential Forms.  The main purpose of these forms are to focus on the necessary skills that need to be developed to practice Yang Family Tai Chi and has less focus on memorizing a longer sequence of movements.  All of the movements and skills in these two forms are contained within the Traditional Hand Form.

Yang Style Tai Chi Forms are taught by certified teachers and trainers of the Yang Family Association. 

Click on the images below to learn more about the Yang Family Tai Chi Forms.

Tai Chi Kung (10 Form)
Traditional Hand Form (103)
Essential Form (22 Form)

Today's Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Trainer, Chris Wilson teaches the Yang Tai Chi Kung Form, First Section of 103 Form, and the Essential Form

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