Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Classes

Please see below for a full tutorial of the Tai chi kung form, as well as two online classes

All existing students are given a password for access. 

If you did not receive it or you are not a current student and would like to have access to classes please email:

Online Classes

Tai Chi Classes of Yang Family Tai Chi Chaun are taught by Chris Wilson.   He is a member of the Yang Family Association, and certified Yang Family Tai Chi Trainer. 

Every effort will be made to accommodate those interested in studying Tai Chi Classes.  

What Should I Wear to Tai Chi Classes?

In Tai Chi we will do a series of stretches and slow moving movements.  It is important that you are comfortable and relaxed.  There is no dress code.  However, it is suggested that you where loose fitting clothing and sneakers.   Kung Fu pants, sweat pants or yoga pants will allow for a nice range of motion to do the exercises.  There is a bathroom for changing if needed and there are places to store your belongings.  Please remember to take all of your belongings with you since this is a shared space.  We are not responsible for lost or miss placed items.

What Should I Bring to Tai Chi Classes?

It is recommended that you bring a notebook or electronic device to take notes during Tai Chi Classes.  Classes are a time for building your home practice.  Reviewing old material and learning new material.  Asking questions that arise during home practice.   The notebook serves as your journal and personal text book.  At your request a few minutes of class time can be used for updating information that has been learned in class.

To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

~ Tao te ching